Mayor announces summer reading program

Summer Reading
Mayor Ivy Taylor recently announced the Mayor’s Summer Reading Club at a press conference at the Central Public Library. The reading initiative is for kids and teens to avoid the “summer slide.” (Photo/ Kristian Jaime)

As countless kids welcome summer vacation, Mayor Ivy Taylor reminded them that the “summer slide” is never far away.

During the three-month break, students lose a portion of skills they gained during the school term. To keep kids sharp, Mayor Taylor announced her Summer Reading Club.

The initiative includes all 28 public library locations and encourages kids and teens to keep a log of all completed books for certificates and drawing for prizes like 25 Kindle Fire tablets and a $500.00 gift card.

“These literacy initiatives are critical to improve our educational outcomes for our children,” Mayor Taylor said. “Our goals are to continue to read and exchange ideas. During the summer, you can read whatever you want and not just what is assigned. The activities by the library will allow children to explore a number of places in books.”

Students from Radiance Academy, a San Antonio charter school, were on hand to not only participate in the program, but also explore the floors full of books at their disposal. Included in the message to book it through summer was that reading could be a family affair.

Statistically, families that regularly have book in the home will pass along the love of reading to their children. The habit of daily reading overwhelmingly correlates with better reading skills and higher academic achievement. On the other hand, poor reading skills correlate with lower levels of financial and job success.

“I am an avid reader and I find time when I’m traveling. It’s so amazing to explore not just places, but also times we may not have lived through in books. I encourage everyone to tap into what your passion is,” continued the Mayor.

Among the partners for the reading club is Amazon with their donation of 25 Kindle Fire tablets to be given to some lucky participants. It is more than an incentive to read more as it highlights how technology is making reading more convenient by utilizing tablets and smartphones.

Summer Reading 2
Amazon donated 25 Kindle Fire tablets to be give to lucky readers who are entered into a drawing. (Photo/Kristian Jaime)

The Mayor also pointed out that reading can be a family affair with the program not only for children and teens. On hand were representatives of the San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) to discuss incentives for adults to also keep up with the latest and greatest books.

“Summer reading programs are for adults too. Whether your simply reading for pleasure or relaxation or even to catch up on issues in this election year, there are distinct benefits to your community if you take advantage of books,” said Diana Morganti, SAPL coordinator for Adult Services.

Information on the summer reading club is at and runs throughout summer.



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