Teen births on the decline in S.A.

San Antonio City Councilman Rey Saldaña (D4) addressed community partners concerning the recent 2016 report on Teen Pregnancy & Births. (Photo/ Christina Acosta)

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) released today the 2016 provisional data on teen births in San Antonio, which recorded 2,044 births to females ages 10 to 19.

This represents approximately 39 teen births per week.  Local teens from Metro Health’s Project Worth program shared the latest information during a press conference held this morning at the city’s Central Library.

In 2016, San Antonio’s teen birth rate for females ages 15 to 19 was 30.2 per 1,000 teen births and represented a decline of 53 percent since 2006.  However, the 2016 teen birth rate was still nearly 50 percent higher than the national rate of 20.3 per 1,000 teen births.

“I know teens that have been pregnant and I have heard some of their experiences.   For many of them, it’s been very challenging.” said Reiana Fernandez, a Project Worth Teen Ambassador.  Gema Aleman, another Teen Ambassador, expressed the importance of having teen leaders speak out to educate and continue to raise community awareness on this issue.

Baby 2
Colleen Bridger, MPH, PhD., Director of the Metropolitan Health District addressed the specific details of the 2016 report on Teen Pregnancy & Births. (Photo/ Christina Acosta)

In 2016, 406 teen mothers who gave birth already had at least one child, accounting for 20 percent of all 2016 teen births.

“We are moving in the right direction in regards to preventing first time teen pregnancies, however, the percent of repeat teen pregnancies has not improved,” said Dr. Colleen Bridger, Director for Metro Health. “This is why the San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative has mobilized community partners to implement an action plan focusing on teen moms over the next year.”

For more information and a detailed 2016 Teen Pregnancy Report and fact sheet, visit www.sanantonio.gov/projectworth or call 210-207-8850.


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